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Septic Install and Repair Services in Boulder Creek, CA

If you're installing a new septic system in your home, Affordable Septic & Excavating can make sure the job is done right. We offer Septic Repair all throughout the Boulder Creek area and always strive to provide a high level of service. Our experienced technicians can carefully walk you through every step of the septic install or repair process and will ensure you remain fully knowledgeable of whatever issues arise. We take pride in our ability to effectively service sewage systems throughout California. We want to be your choice provider of underground waste water treatments.
One of the most important things you can do to keep your septic system healthy is to schedule regular maintenance, which will help to drastically reduce the need for new installation or repair of your current sewage system. While a large part of the regular maintenance for your tank can be done yourself, routine pumping will be required for tanks of every size. Regular servicing can also help to prevent unnecessary blockages in the system and drains. A large amount of waste can back up and become unsightly before you know you have a problem.
Septic Install - Afforable Septic in Boulder Creek CA
Our professionals will be happy to thoroughly inspect your entire septic system if you believe it needs to be repaired. We'll look closely at your drainage pipes and distribution box as well as your pump and drain field to determine where any issues may be occurring. If we identify an issue, our technicians can make the necessary recommendations to keep your system running efficiently. No matter what repairs you need, we'll have them done quickly with your system back up before you know it.

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